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Weekly Pool Service

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“After a family vacation we came home to a completely GREEN pool. We knew it was time for a new pool man. Apache Pools did not disapoint”

Don't Worry About Your Pool, Enjoy it!

Regular Pool Cleaning Service

You use your pool regularly. Your family enjoys the refreshing, clear water, as do your relatives and friends. However, the more you use your pool, the dirtier it seems to get. But we can help.

Regular Maintenance, beyond what your filter handles, can be the difference between a sparkling, spotless pool and one that is cloudy and unsanitary. We take the time to clean all levels and areas of your pool. Weekly our technicians will balance chemicals, net debris, brush all walls and steps, vacuum up dirt and sediment (as needed), and Inspect your equipment for any necessary repairs.

A Few Customer Pools in The East Valley

Apache Pools

Sick Of DIY? Let Us Take All Your Pool maintenance

Sick Of DIY?

Let Apache Pools Take Over All Your Pool maintenance

What Makes Apache Pools The Smart Choice?

We have a dedicated rig and crew that does this professionally, full time. We have been doing this for a long time and take pride in our results and level of unmatched service. Our results and customer reviews speak for themselves.   

We have the skill and experience to get the job done right. With over 20 years experience cleaning pools, we’re sure to impress you with the results. This also includes proper cleanup throughout the process and when we’re done.

You can also hire us for weekly pool service to make sure your pool STAYS looking its best and is always ready for fun. We include filter cleaning and chemicals in our regular service and don’t make our customers sign any long term commitments.